Berlin–Uppsala with the Snälltåget; by Andreas Schmidt

I travelled from Berlin to Uppsala on 11 may. I’ve read that other people took the route with the many transitions, but I had the change to get a direct connection from Berlin to Stockholm via the Snälltåget: It’s as comfy as it can get, and there are even sleeping compartments. Since I went all the way to Stockholm and the train ride took 18 hours, I chose to book a sleeping compartment. In total, the whole ride only cost about 70€. The only offer snacks on board, so you got to pack your supply of food, but there is mineral water for free. One could, in principle, get stuffed at the ferry restaurant while the train is shipped acrosee the water, or at one of the few stops along the way, e.g. in Malmö. Stockholm has a beautiful main station that offers, unlike the stations I know from Germany, many places to sit. At the time I was there, there were also special recreations of historical station stops where one could “travel while travelling“ by listening to stories revolving around Stockholm Central Station. Plenty of trains go from Stockholm to Uppsala, so I was free to choose when to travel further.

The biggest downside of the Snälltåget is how infrequent it offers rides: only up to three times a week during summer. Since the first ride back to Berlin was only in the first week of december and I wouldn’t want my students to miss out on me for so long, I had to take the ‘regular’ route back, as the other’s have described it, with the Super Budget Ticket Europe (Superspreis Europa, also about 70€), that is: Uppsala–Stockholm–Copenhagen–Hamburg–Berlin. Since I had two hourse to spend in Copenhagen on my way back, I could have a look at how Tivoli (right at Copenhagen Central Station) was decorated for Christmas and could have a meal at the Tivoli Food Hall, an indoor Street Food location like the one where you can eat the delicious Grøta, just with another diverse assortment of cuisines (including the obligatory Smørbrød stand). Just in general, it was a nice trip that I can recommend to anyone.